Review: Fix It Sticks

A little over a year ago I bought some gear for an AR that I had been meaning to get into a usable state for a while. There comes a time in almost every shooter’s life (early for some, later for others) when you realize that perhaps locktite and raw muscle is not necessarily the best way to attach things to a rifle.

I have known this for years, but I’ve always been kinda stuck with analysis paralysis when it comes to torque wrenches for guns. I was a machinist in a former life, so when I buy a tool, I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time researching the best tool before I commit. If you’ve looked into gunsmith’s torque wrenches you know that there are basically two varieties: cheap and “well I guess I only need one kidney…”

If I recall correctly I’d decided that Wheeler was about the only choice if I didn’t want to spend several hundred dollars on a torque wrench that I’d use probably a couple dozen times, and the reviews said I’d be lucky to get that from the Wheeler before it broke. But I figured I’d take one last look before I committed and that’s when I rediscovered Fix It Sticks.

I’d known about this company for a while but I’d always hesitated because of the cost and the fact that I would need multiple (expensive) torque limiters rather than one torque wrench. It was during this time that I discovered that Fix It Sticks had fairly recently released an “all in one” torque limiter. Aaaaand since I was already gonna spend at least $100 on a torque limiter and T-way wrench, might as well spend $140 on their AR-15 Toolkit and a torque limiter.

Now I want to be very up front about this. These tools are pricy. You can achieve the same ends far cheaper if you are simply looking to do something like attach a rail section to an MLOK upper. If however you are someone who appreciated a quality tool and the convenience of being able to take said tool with you to the range in a small and convenient form factor, Fix It Sticks may be for you.

In short, I love these things. My only regret is that I didn’t get the works kit, because I have spent easily the same amount of money in adding tools to my kit. Partially this is because the hard case version of the AR-15 Toolkit doesn’t have much room for expansion, this is my only complain with my original purchase. You can see in one of the images above that I had to jenga the torque limiter into the case by shifting all the bits on the opposite end to one side and flipping the one in the lower left corner to get it to fit. I went with the hard case rather than the soft case because I wasn’t thinking that I would expand my kit much past my initial purchase, but clearly that isn’t how things went down.

Since the initial purchase I have bought their Duo Case (which at $38 is spend but should pretty well solve my lack of expansion room issue), and their Ratcheting T-way wrench with locking hex drive (at $48), and am strongly considering their cleaning rod kit (at ~$112 that’s speedy so I’m not certain that I’ll end up pulling the trigger but I’m seriously considering it).

The bits themselves are well made and properly hardened, but like all 1/4″ tool bits the are considered consumable and will wear with use. In fact the bits are not covered by their warranty because they are considered consumables.

The warranty otherwise is two years for the tools and one year for torque limiters. At this pice point I would rather see a 5-10 year on the tools (if not lifetime), and I am a bit concerned by the one year on the torque limiters. Mine has held up through pretty standard use at a little over a year and still holds accurate to +- 5% when I put it on a gauge.

This kit has lived in my range bag since I got it and I’ve gotta say I never realized how much I was using the Leatherman I keep in there until I had actual tools available to me.

Fix It Sticks offers several kits and all of their tools are available individually. I look at this as a buy once, cry once purchase, and I wish I had just gone all in on my initial purchase as it would have saved me a fair bit of money.

Some things that have been bothering me about COVID-19

One of three sheriffs boats interdicts a lone paddle boarder off the coast of San Diego

Today is day 30 of California’s (wholly unconstitutional) “shelter in place” shutdown order, and some things have been bothering me about this entire situation.

Firstly, we the American people, have been lied to about this from the beginning. Almost everything our media and our government have told us is either wrong, or a lie. The only truthful things that we know about this virus are that is has an R0 of between 2.5 and 3.0, that it originated some time in late 2019, and that it has killed some people. The threat models we’ve been given have been proven to be wildly inaccurate. The mortality rate we’ve been given is admittedly inaccurate because the one being used by the media is based on the assumption that only people sick enough to seek medical care have the virus apparently. The CDC has issued guidelines that hospitals do not even need to test for COVID-19 to declare a death due to the virus, as long as it “looks like they might have symptoms.”

Bottom line, is that this virus in not nearly as dangerous as we were led to believe. The question at this point is at what point did the people running our government know this?

I am not concerned with this virus based on what we actually know about it at this point. It is very likely that I (and everyone in my family) have already had COVID-19, along with millions of other Californians. There is testing to support that theory happening right now, and the results so far seem to support that theory. I am very concerned with the response to this virus.

I’ve said from the moment we were first told about “shelter in place” that the response to this was asymmetric to the threat. It is now pretty clear that we have way overreacted to the actual threat this virus poses. At this point the treatment is far worse than the disease, and that is going to rapidly magnify the longer we keep large parts of this country unconstitutionally halted.

Now I’ve referred to these “shelter in place” orders as unconstitutional several times, and I’ve gotten a surprising amount of push back from some disappointing places. No government has the power to suspend the constitution outside of a declaration of martial law, period. Even if martial law were to be declared there is some question about legal it would be. The government certainly does not have the power to say that some businesses can be open because they are essential, but that those businesses cannot sell certain items because those items are not essential.

Yet we have multiple state governments doing that very thing. And people are playing along. Across all social media I see a shockingly large number of people insisting that everyone stay in their homes, that government go out and chase down people who are not out doing “essential” activities (as arbitrarily defined by the same government), to fine or arrest them in the name of “the public health.” This is highly disturbing.

More disturbing is that these people seem to universally lack the ability to be at all rational about the subject. The media and the government have successfully whipped this segment of our population into such a frenzy of fear over COVID-19 that they have stopped reasoning and started chanting “it’s for the public health” to justify egregious infringements of liberty and government overreach of authority.

When it is ok to have hundreds of people standing in line (six feet apart, ignore the wind!) to get into Costco, but police send three boats to interdict and arrest a lone paddle boarder 300 yards off shore by himself, this is not about your health.

When the police are citing everyone at a drive up church service, but liquor stores are declared “essential” this is not about your health.

When county sheriff’s close gun stores but release hundreds or thousands of criminals from jail (at least one of which immediately went out and murdered someone), this is not about your health.

When hardware stores are told that they cannot sell plants or seeds but marijuana dispensaries are deemed “essential” this is not about your health.

When fishing is suspended due to “social distancing guidelines” but it’s ok for people to pack into city buses like sardines, this is not about your health.

When barbers and hairdressers are closed for being “non essential” but the governor still gets his hair cut and makeup done for a five minute TV appearance, this is NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

Isn’t it funny how these statist governors are shutting down any business they deem “non essential” yet if you look, the news is packed full of they and/or their spouses violating those same orders?

I remember sitting in 9th grade history and learning about the Holocaust, and several people asking how the German people could let that happen. This is how. Under the guise of the public welfare, the German people cheerfully ceded the power to the Nazis to commit atrocity.

In fact I just read a story a couple days ago about how New Jersey now has an app for you to report your neighbors for violation of “social distancing guidelines.” I hear the 10th report gets you a free brown shirt.


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of years now, and I think given current events now is the time. Today is day 27 of California’s absolutely unconstitutional COVID-19 “shelter in place” order. If we do not get this country back on track soon we are very likely to be looking at mass civil unrest.

But you are ready for that. You’ve got your rifle, plate carrier, pistol, IFAK, helmet, and you even went out and spent $1k on a Harris radio rather than a cheap baofeng. You’ve even managed to figure out how to communicate with your guys on it. And you all get yeeted by a bunch of Antifa goons on baofeng radios because they have scanners and know how to use them.

Now there are a lot of ways to mitigate that, but in my experience, old proven techniques get it done no matter what tech level you can attain. Communications Security (COMSEC) is something that very few prepper groups I’ve had contact with have actually considered, let alone have a solid plan for.

If we go down the road it looks like we’re on, I want as many good dudes as is possible to have as much of an edge as they can because it is very likely that we are all going to need it. So let’s talk about a Brevity Matrix.

Here is a sample Brevity Matrix (or BREVMAT) and I’ll walk you through what it is, how it is used, and hopefully get you thinking a little more security consciously.

Sample BREVMAT Template

This is a template for the BREVMAT I use. It’s a fantastic tool for keeping communications private, but be aware that professional intel analysts will smash this like a virgin hooker in a bar full of Marines on leave. But those Antifa guys? Not so much. Ok lets take this one block at a time.

The actual BREVMAT

This is what a filled in BREVMAT looks like. Notice that I’ve written in letters along the top and bottom where the spaces were blank. You have to fill out and disseminate a BREVMAT to your unit before you need to use it. Everyone communicating in your group should have a copy of the current BREVMAT, and the BREVMAT should be changed frequently. A lost BREVMAT should be considered complete compromise and will require a new BREVMAT be generated.

The Brevity Matrix (BREVMAT) is used to send or request relevant tactical information securely (for certain very small values of secure). The blank spaces above the matrix are used to generate secure transmission codes for this information. This BREVMAT is 6×7, so an easy solution is to use a six letter and a seven letter isogram (word that has no repeating letters). I predetermined list of these should be distributed among your unit. For this example I have used “SCALED” and “PYRAMID”. Once a code word has been used it should never be used again. Alternatively random letters can be chosen as long as they don’t repeat on the axis. When decoding, always start with the Y axis (the left side here).

In our example Bill and Ted are trying to link up:

Bill: “Ted, Bill. Charlie Romeo over.” (Hey Ted it’s Bill, where are you dude?)

Ted: “Bill, Ted. Alpha Romeo, Sierra Indigo, Charlie Mike over.” (Bill I’m at home dude, leaving now, heading south.)

Bill: “Ted, Bill. Echo Romeo, Circle K, over.” (Ted meet at the Circle K dude!)

Ted: “Bill, Ted. Lima Indigo, over.” (Bill, I’m totally on my way dude!)                                                                                                                               

While it is possible for skilled intel analysts to break BREVMATs, if codes are changed on a regular basis it is difficult. Your local OPFOR is very likely not going to be able to do it in a timeframe that matters. Most won’t have any idea what they’re even hearing.

This block is for encoding numbers. The ten letter code words (again use an isogram) will be filled in prior to OP, the numbers are counted 0-9 starting based on the date on the day of transmission. On April 6th, you would use the number row starting at 6, on the 7th, you’d switch to the row starting with 7. You write these in on the day of transmit.

Here’s how that looks for a phone number (8675309):

Bill: “Ted, Bill. I SET Bravo Hotel over.” (Ted, write this down dude! Use BLACKHORSE.)

Ted: “Bill, Ted. Copy.” (Bill, I totally have a pencil dude!)

Bill: “Ted, Bill. I SEND Alpha, Bravo, Lima, Echo, Romeo, Kilo, Charlie, over.” (Ted the number is 8675309 dude!)

Ted: “Bill, Ted. Copy over.” (Bill I totally got that dude!)

You can use any ten letters for your keywords, and any abbreviation that makes sense to you. The important thing to remember is that no keyword is ever said over the air. Never.

The idea here is to pick random words that don’t make sense in the context of what you’re talking about. I did not do a great job of that in this example. It is important not to use the phonetic alphabet for these because that leads to confusion.

This is simply a collection of words that you will use frequently in communications that you want kept private.

This should be fairly self explanatory. This is called out like so if the transmission is on the 6th of the month:

Bill: “Ted, Bill. SALUTE follows.” (I’m sending you a SPOT report dude!)

Ted: “Bill, Ted. Copy.” (Bill I’m totally ready with a pencil dude!)

Bill: Ted, Bill. Lima Yankee, Delta Delta I SET Bravo Hotel, Echo break. Setting up Jupiter, break. Squirrel, break. Alpha follows, uniform November Kilo November Oscar Whiskey November Golf Alpha November Golf, break. I SET Bravo Hotel, Hotel Echo Oscar Kilo, break. One Hammer, Four Wrenches, One Cricket. November follows. Jupiter is Charlie Mike, I am Sierra Mike to execute Mars on Jupiter from there, over.”

This is just an example of how I do it. You can totally change how you announce a SPOT report, for me this is ambiguous enough that it works.

This set is used both for sender authentication and for generating a one time pad for covering anything not in the rest of the BREVMAT. The “AUTHENTICATE” blocks are used to fill in the “I CALL” block. Notice that not all cells contain a letter. The “I CALL” block contains three pangrams (phrases that contain every letter in the English alphabet) so shorter words can be used on the Y axis (minimum of three non repeating letters), and still give you access to the entire alphabet.

The AUTHENTICATE blocks must be filled out prior to use. Here is how to authenticate traffic using these blocks:

Bill: “Ted, Bill. AUTHENTICATE BRAVO, Charlie Tango, over.” (Ted it’s me Bill, if you’re you, what letter am I thinking of?)

Ted: “Bill, Ted. I AUTHENTICATE Oscar. AUTHENTICATE ALPHA Tango Romeo, over.” (Bill, “o” it’s totally me dude! But how do I know it’s you? What letter am I thinking of?)

Bill: “Ted, Bill. I AUTHENTICATE Echo, over.” (Ted, “e” it’s totally me dude!)

Now that both parties have authenticated, take the line authentication occurred on and fill in the side and top axis on the I CALL box. The first was “DESTROY” so that goes on the Y axis, and the second authentication was “CRUMBLIEST” so that goes on the X axis. Now if these two need to say something that is not in the BREVMAT, they can do it securely:

Bill: “Ted, Bill. I CALL Delta Bravo, Delta Lima, Echo Bravo, Sierra Romeo, Delta Tango, Oscar Indigo, Tango Uniform, Delta Echo, Tango Charlie, over.”

Ted: “Bill, Ted. I CALL Sierra Sierra, Oscar Romeo, Sierra Lima, Echo Tango, break Tango Charlie, Sierra Mike, Echo Mike, Echo Uniform, Romeo Sierra, Sierra Tengo, Delta Charlie, Sierra Bravo, Romeo Uniform, Tango Charlie, over.”

If you decode that you’ll notice that there are different sets for the same letters. This makes breaking this code exponentially harder so it pays to use all ten letters. The easiest way is to pop online and grab a giant list of 10 letter isograms (are you seeing a pattern here?) and fill the AUTHENTICATE blocks with those. As with any code words, once used, those words should not be used again (at least not in the same combination). Notice in the AUTHENTICATE BRAVO block I used mostly the same words, I just misspelled them. As long as you don’t have repeating letters on the line you can also just use random letters.

There are lots of nuances that can be changed in how this is used from unit to unit so that it is even more secure. This should be part of your SOP, not the entire SOP. The biggest threat to this BREVMAT is that one of your unit is compromised or the BREVMAT is captured. Your plan must account for this. In that case you could prearrange that authenticating with for instance the letter under or over the called sequence is a distress signal and the BREVMAT should be discarded and all transmission from that source are now untrusted.

I’d like to reiterate that this WILL NOT stop intelligence professionals. This is intended to keep your communications reasonably private from casual eavesdroppers. The longer a BREVMAT is used the more likely it is to be compromised.

Stay safe out there and do everything you can to keep your privacy.

Even more exigent circumstances

Everybody stop and take a breath.

Virtually none of us have had to deal with anything like the current panicdemic. Many of us were caught completely unprepared, and that’s a scary thing. Panicking does not help.

Here in California, Governor Statist Douche issued a “shelter in place” order on March 19th. I’ll get into the legalities (or lack thereof) of that in another post. For now I want to talk about what you need to do today, and what you need to not do as more states issue their own version of “shelter in place.”

Here’s your quick list:

  • Stop panicking
  • Check weapons
  • Check food
  • Check sundries
  • Loop

The first step is simple; stop panicking. This isn’t weaponized Ebola delivered via suicide carriers into every major city. In fact, at this point it looks like our government’s response to the COVID-19 threat is absurdly asymmetrical to the threat. Panic buying toilet paper isn’t solving the problem. Right now my assessment is that the people panicking are far more of a threat to me than COVID-19.

Second, you need to assess what you need. Do you have sufficient food to feed everyone in your house for the next thirty days? If the answer to that is no, you need to remedy that right now. Of course the best case scenario is that you have 30 days of food for everyone in your household at all times, but that is not always feasible. I did not have 30 days of food for everyone in my house when this started (but I did have 2-3 weeks worth). It doesn’t need to be 30 days of filet mignon and lobster. The general rule of thumb is 2000 kcals per person per day. Meal plan.

Yes, it is possible to eat beans and rice for 30 days and survive. At least if you don’t end up killing everyone in your house because they’ve been complaining about beans and rice for three weeks. Variety is the spice of life. Meal plan. It’s far better to have seven different meals four times over the course of a month than one meal 30 times. Meal planning isn’t terribly hard, but if you want to minimize your exposure to the lunatics fighting over toilet paper and Froot Loops, you’re going to have to write out a meal plan before you head to the store. Taco Tuesdays, there’s four meals for you for a month that nobody in my house would ever complain about.

This is an actual picture of my local grocery store I took last week.

Unfortunately if your stores look anything like mine, you probably aren’t going to get everything on your list. Make it anyway. Better to have a goal than to run in and panic buy. Think staples; flour (if you’re gonna do bread get yeast and or beer too), sugar, rice, beans, pasta, canned vegetables and fruit, peanut butter, honey, meat that you can freeze. Canned tuna is great (don’t forget the mayo) pinto beans are great, rice is great, , but pinto beans mixed with rice and tuna is not something anyone who has eaten this week is going to willingly eat. Which is why you meal plan. Don’t forget to pick up some snacks and treats. Psychological value of a favorite treat should never been overlooked, especially if you have kids.

If you can’t get 30 days, get what you can. The stores will restock. Our supply chain is not broken, the delivery points are just overloaded. It may take 5-10 trips to the store over a week to get everything you need, but I promise you that if you have not starved yet, you won’t in the next month either.

Ok, you’ve got food. How are you for guns and ammo? The current panic buying of guns and ammo is like nothing I’ve ever seen, and at this point I’ve lived through at least a dozen good panic buys. Previously it was mostly what you’d expect: anything in 9mm, .45, .223/5.56, 12g, 7.62×39, and so on would vanish. This time it’s everything. People who were voting for gun bans last month are filling out 4473s today. Don’t go pay $3000 for a PSA AR and buy a pallet of xm193. If you have a handgun and a long gun with at least 100 rounds of hollow points for the handgun, and 300 rounds of whatever for the long gun, you’re fine today. Do you have a holster for that Glock? Do you have a sling for that AR? Make sure your guns are in a functional state. Clean them. Load mags.

Check your sundries. Got toilet paper? How about laundry soap? All the non edibles that you need to run your house for a month. I ran out of dryer sheets the first load of laundry I did after the shelter in place recommendation from Governor Statist Douche, because the last time I looked was six months ago and I had a whole costco size box plus the half one I was working with. My wife gave it to her mother a couple months ago and forgot to tell me. Oops. Take inventory and make a list before you go shopping. You may not get it all in one go, but again, better to have something to shoot for than to run in and buy 15 boxes of garbage bags and 9 rolls of aluminum foil.

This will all pass. The real danger is that people panic and make this problem orders of magnitude greater than it is or needs to be. Everybody calm down, take a deep breath, and remember that you are the example that your children look to in times of calamity. If mom and dad are panicking, kids will panic. If mom and dad are calm and collected, kids will be too (at least to the extent that they ever are).

What you don’t need to do is almost as simple a list as the list of what you do need to do:

  • Don’t panic
  • Don’t buy enough food for a year
  • Don’t hoard seventeen pallets of toilet paper
  • Don’t fight people in the grocery store over the last roll of paper towels
  • Don’t buy every box of .45 ammo even though you don’t own a .45

Simple right?

PSA: November 4th 2017

First, no one knows what “antifa” is planning on November 4th. Forget all the fearmongering “they’re planning civil war” hype clickbait headlines I keep seeing all over social media.

While I tend to laugh at the antifa dirtbags and their antics as much as the next guy, I am very concerned about this November 4th fiasco in light of the intel I’ve gathered about the groups involved and the statements they’re making. Couple that with the escalation in incidents of unprovoked physical violence and well, I’m concerned.

Here’s what we do know:

  • The leftist organization Refuse Fascism is calling for mass protests/civil disturbance starting on November 4th 2017.
  • Antifa has stated that they are working hand in hand with Resist Fascism for the November 4th date.
  • Refuse Fascism states in their November 4th posts that Antifa are welcome.
  • The Revolutionary Communist Party USA has a very rambling (and slightly insane) statement about November 4th on their news site.

You can read the whole thing here, but this is the bit that concerns me:

What people don’t know, and need to know, is that THEY ARE THE WAY OUT OF THE NIGHTMARE, if they join together and act outside all the normal avenues that they expect society and government to provide for redress of their concerns—outside the ways that they would normally think of to act themselves for remedy. Waiting for investigations, waiting for the Democrats to act, thinking that Trump will implode, hoping for 2018 Congressional elections, even protesting each abuse—as righteous and part of people raising their heads as such protest is, these are all acting within the normal frameworks that people have grown accustomed to thinking and acting within for change in policy and direction. 

– post about November 4th 2017

We also know some other things:

  • Steven Crowder sent someone undercover in an antifa cell and he recorded video of them handing out weapons to “stab nazis” and discussing ambushes involving firearms. 
  • Their definition of “Nazi” seems to look a whole lot like anyone who isn’t far left.
  • Antifa likes to get violent at events.
  • Refuse Fascism likes to block freeways.
  • George Soros just dumped $18 billion into what is now the largest activism group in the world.

Now, the antifa cell that Crowder penetrated was arrested by local PD, so that particular group isn’t currently a threat, however couple the revcom statement above with what we saw in Crowder’s video, and Soros’ $18 BILLION, and this is now a credible threat.

All three groups I’ve talked about have stated that this November 4th fiasco is just the beginning, they’re talking in terms of starting on November 4th and continuing for days, weeks, or months.

So we have one group discussing on film using small unit tactics to ambush people they disagree with and lure them into staged ambushes using rifles and shotguns, and the other two talking about mass protest/disruption until the lawfully elected President and everyone associated with his administration are removed, possibly months.

Add to this all now a deputy US Marshall going on video stating that they have credible intel that antifa plans to target first responders and you’ve got quite the recipe for chaos.

Could this lead to Civil War? Well, yeah. At least potentially. Will it? Doubtful.

But, I think the time has come for us law abiding gun owners to start evaluating this riff raff as a credible threat. They’re targeting you.

Be smart. Don’t go get involved in protests (even high speed low drag operator types can easily find an ice pick in their kidney in the chaos we’ve seen in the last few protests). Pay attention to the news, and don’t get stuck in traffic jams caused by this nonsense. Make sure your friends and family know what is going on here and what is potentially at stake. If you live in a major metro area (especially one being targeted for the November 4th fiasco), make contingency plans and plan an evacuation route. Make sure you have gas in the car and a go bag or two prepared.

I’m not saying it’s go time, but be alert and be prepared.

Don’t play their game, and don’t let their bluster control your life, but be aware of the herd mentality and how fast things can go from “hey that’s not really cool” to “oh look half of LA is on fire.” Learn the lessons of the 1992 LA riots. 

Now think about what we’ve seen over the last couple of years in Furgeson, and Charleston, and Berkeley, and many other places. Protracted civil disturbance can have a very real and very severe impact on your day to day life, and as tensions rise it becomes more likely that an inciting incident will occur which ignites a riot.

These are the locations and times I’ve found that have been gathered from posters advertising the November 4th fiasco:

  • Seattle, WA – 12pm, 4th & Janes St. (Seattle City Hall Plaza)
  • Portland, OR – 2pm, Salmon & Fountain
  • San Francisco, CA – 3pm, Union Square
  • Los Angeles, CA – 1pm, Pershing Square
  • Philadelphia, PA – 2pm, Thomas Paine Plaza (1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.)
  • Honolulu, HI – 9:30am, Ala Moana Park (EWA Side)
  • Cleveland, OH – 1pm, Public Square
  • Chicago, IL – 1pm, 219 Dearborn (Federal Plaza)
  • Boston, MA – 4pm, 1 Franklin St. (Shoppers Plaza)
  • Austin, TX – 1pm, 422 Guadalupe St. (Republic Square Park)
  • Atlanta, GA – 4pm, Euclid & Moreland Ave. NE (Little 5 Points/Findlay Plaza)

I hope I’m totally wrong, and this all turns out to be nothing to worry about. 

Guns Criminals Actually Use: 12AUG17 Edition

From the Local PD’s Facebook page: 


On Friday, August 4, 2017, just after 5 pm, Southwest District Patrol Officers Vince Bantayan and Nicolas Romero were working together in the area of Ventura Avenue and H Street, when they noticed a blue Mercedes Benz with an expired registration. As the officers initiated a traffic stop by activating their emergency lights, the solo occupant continued driving and made no attempt to pull over. For safety reasons, the officers continued to follow the vehicle with their lights and siren off as it continued toward the Chinatown area. Eventually, the car abruptly stopped in front of Dick’s Men’s Wear & Shoes at 1526 Kern Street. The driver quickly exited, ran, and attempted to enter the business. 

Although the business was closed, an employee was present and renovating inside. The driver, who was holding a cell phone to his ear, forcefully grabbed the front door that was locked and demanded for the employee to open it. The driver also kept his back to the officers, which caused them great concern for their safety. It was during this time the driver turned and faced the officers, exposing a nine millimeter semi-automatic handgun in his waistband. To prevent the situation from escalating, the officers maintained their distance and requested the driver to surrender peacefully. Eventually, sufficient officers arrived at the location to assist in placing the driver into custody without the use of any force.

The driver was identified as 33-year-old Fresno resident Nicholas Delt, who has an extensive criminal history. He was arrested and booked for possession of a loaded firearm and ammunition by a prior convicted felon. 

Yet another convicted felon in possession. I’m seeing a trend here…

Let’s sum up:

  • Felon in possession (felony)
  • Possession of a “high capacity” magazine in California (wobbler, likely a felony due to “extensive” criminal history)

Any bets that Prop 47, Prop57, or AB109 is responsible for this dude being on the street?

Guns Criminals Actually Use: 11AUG17 Edition

From the local PD’s Facebook page:


On August 6th, 2017 at 11:34 P.M., Southeast District Officers Ger Vang and John Alonzo were conducting proactive patrol in the area of 6Th Street and Nevada Avenue. While in the area officers avoided a collision from 39 year old Fresno resident Juan Manuel Cortez-Rico who failed to stop at the stop sign while traveling West on Nevada and North on 6th Street.  

Upon stopping Cortez-Rico for such violation he was found to be driving without a driver’s license and positively identified by his photographed Mexican Matricula Consular I.D. During the search incident to arrest of Cortez-Rico officers felt the frame of a metal type flashlight on one end and the handle of a handgun on the other end. Cortez-Rico had a self-made silencer made from a flashlight affixed to his fully loaded Raven Arms 25 semi auto handgun stuffed in his waistband. The handgun serial numbers were scratched off along with Cortez-Rico being in possession of street level amount of narcotics.          

Cortez-Rico was arrested and booked into the Fresno County Jail on several different weapons/ narcotics charges without any further incident. Please see the attached photograph of the recovered firearm and suspect Cortez-Rico. 

Possible sicario? Maybe.

Let’s sum up:

  • Possession of a silencer is a felony in California.
  • Definite NFA violation.
  • Possession of a “high capacity” magazine? (I wasn’t aware that the Raven .25 held 13 rounds).
  • Possession of Schedule 1 narcotics.
  • Possession of a firearm by a foreign alien.
  • Altering or removing the identifying marks of a firearm (that’s a Federal crime, but also a felony to possess a firearm with altered serial number in California).

Apparently California needs to pass a law prohibiting being a menace to south central while driving Fast and Furiously.

I wonder if Jango Fett here is related to Kevin Leon?

Guns Criminals actually use: 10AUG17 Edition

From the local PD’s facebook page:

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, Detectives from the Fresno Police Department’s Career Criminal Auto Theft Team (CCATT) responded to a residence in the area of Thorne and Church regarding possible chop shop investigation. While at the location, they encountered Jerome White, 43, of Fresno. White was found to be a prior convicted felon and on CDC parole for robbery. During a subsequent search of the property, White was found to be in possession of a modified .22 caliber rifle. No evidence of chop shop activity was located.

White was booked into the Fresno County Jail for felony firearm possession charges and parole violation.

“Modified.” Specifically that is a Short Barrelled Rifle, possession of which is a felony in California, has been for decades. So lets see:

  • Felon in possession
  • SBR (felony)
  • Potential NFA manufacturing violation

But if we just had one more gun law…

I wonder if he bought this one from Leland Yee?

Firearm Lubrication 101

Unfortunately they don’t work very well

I’ve known or suspected most of this for a long time, unfortunately it is not common knowledge. It’s a long read, but well worth it: Firearm Lubrication 101

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NPE 101: The Non-permissive Environment (NPE)

There exists a certain group of people in this world that insist on believing that (and forcing you and I to live as if) criminals and bad actors follow laws or rules.

These people insist that (despite a very long and sad list of events proving the contrary) if we just pass one more law, or post one more sign the bad people will not do bad things here. They believe that if they say a person cannot have a weapon in a certain place, that the place somehow magically becomes “safe,” and that no one will bring weapons into those places.

The technical term for these places is Non-Permissive Environment (NPE), a place where through policy or law, ordinary people are prohibited from possessing weapons.

The technical term for these people is Fucking Morons.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we have to live with the consequences of these idiots ideals. In the immortal words of Dan Ackroyd: fuck that noise.

There are essentially two levels of NPE; places where it is illegal to carry a weapon (Type 1), and places where it is against policy for you to be armed, but not illegal (Type 2).

Type 1 NPEs are places like Gun Free School Zones, Post Offices, most Federal Buildings, airports, and Courthouses. The consequences for being caught with a weapon in these places vary from arrest, detention, fines, and jail or prison time depending on the laws you’ve broken and how serious the NPE is.

This is a sign indicating a Type 1 NPE

Type 2 NPEs are places like businesses with no weapons signs posted, event venues, and many places of employment. The consequences for being caught with a weapon in these places also vary, from being asked to leave, being escorted out by security, or losing your job.

This kind of sign MAY indicate a Type 2 NPE, depending on state law and where it is placed.

Before I go any further I need to make clear that I am not advocating, advising, or recommending that you violate any laws against the carry or possession of weapons. This is merely an academic musing of the stupidity of disarming the law abiding in the supposed attempt to somehow control the criminal.

I grew up in California, and largely because of this I have been surrounded by an ever increasing number of NPEs (though the rest of the country has not been immune to the increase in this idiocy either). At this point, most of the state is one giant NPE. The number of places that the average citizen can carry weapons has dwindled at an alarming rate.

I grew up in California’s Central Valley, which is (even today ) a much more right leaning area than most people think of when they think of California. I graduated high school in the early nineties, which if you recall was a time that was a peak of violence throughout the country, and because of this was the perfect breeding ground for the idiocy that led to Gun Free School Zones, and Zero Tolerance Policies. Sadly our society doesn’t seem to have learned from the many, many examples of how these policies do not work, and like the politically suicidal left of this country (where this idiocy started), it seems to have come to the unerring conclusion that doubling down on something that isn’t working is somehow going to work. Without fail these people are genuinely shocked when yet another miscreant walks into a gun free zone and opens fire on a crowd of defenseless, disarmed innocents.

Because I am a thinking and rational person, I can look around at the long string of incidents where a sign did nothing to stop a bad guy from carrying a weapon into NPEs and rationally conclude that these places not only aren’t any safer, they are actually more dangerous than when your average person could carry a weapon there. The reasons for this are many; lack of herd immunity, or criminals selecting places that are full of disarmed victims, take your pick. Factually, every mass shooting since 1950 with a single exception has occurred in an NPE. 

All of that being the case, I have carried a fairly broad and varied selection of weapons into a fairly broad and varied set of NPEs. I have carried a pocket knife of some kind nearly every day since I was nine years old (which was a hell of an accomplishment in school at the time I was in school). I’ve carried both guns and knives into event venues with security screening (concerts, county fairs, so on). I personally am not going to be an unarmed victim, and I know from experience that not only is a sign not going to stop someone from being armed, but that it is laughably easy to pass most security screenings with most weapons. Even beyond that, it is trivially easy to obtain or make weapons once inside most “secure” NPEs.

I’ve thought a lot about sharing my thoughts and experiences with NPEs for a long time now, and I can no longer sit silently as the idiots disarm the law abiding without sharing the knowledge I have about how to carry weapons in NPEs and how easy it is to do so. The criminals already have the information, the good guys are the ones being disadvantaged here.

This is the first in a series about NPEs, and I hope that the information that you will find in this series of articles will get you thinking about the realities of being in an NPE and what those realities mean for your safety, and the safety of others.