Product Review Policy

Vendors will occasionally send me product to review.

My views are my own, I do not sell reviews. If I like something about a product, I will write about it. If I don’t like something about a product, I will write about it.

I do not show my reviews to vendors prior to them being published, if you solicit my review of something (which I fully encourage assuming it is something that I or my readers might find interesting), I will evaluate whatever you send me, and notify you once my review is live (if I choose to review the product).

If I receive any sort of compensation for a review (free product, discounts, whatever), it will be noted in big bold text at the very start of the review.

I will not recommend or endorse products I do not like or find to be sub par.

If you’d like something reviewed, please contact me and let me know what specifically it is that you’d like reviewed.


Due to a recent issue with shipping, I will be unable to return product sent to me for review without an accompanying paid return shipping label that includes tracking and insurance.

If you send me something to review and do not include a prepaid return shipping label with a tracking number, do not expect it to be returned.