Some things that have been bothering me about COVID-19

One of three sheriffs boats interdicts a lone paddle boarder off the coast of San Diego

Today is day 30 of California’s (wholly unconstitutional) “shelter in place” shutdown order, and some things have been bothering me about this entire situation.

Firstly, we the American people, have been lied to about this from the beginning. Almost everything our media and our government have told us is either wrong, or a lie. The only truthful things that we know about this virus are that is has an R0 of between 2.5 and 3.0, that it originated some time in late 2019, and that it has killed some people. The threat models we’ve been given have been proven to be wildly inaccurate. The mortality rate we’ve been given is admittedly inaccurate because the one being used by the media is based on the assumption that only people sick enough to seek medical care have the virus apparently. The CDC has issued guidelines that hospitals do not even need to test for COVID-19 to declare a death due to the virus, as long as it “looks like they might have symptoms.”

Bottom line, is that this virus in not nearly as dangerous as we were led to believe. The question at this point is at what point did the people running our government know this?

I am not concerned with this virus based on what we actually know about it at this point. It is very likely that I (and everyone in my family) have already had COVID-19, along with millions of other Californians. There is testing to support that theory happening right now, and the results so far seem to support that theory. I am very concerned with the response to this virus.

I’ve said from the moment we were first told about “shelter in place” that the response to this was asymmetric to the threat. It is now pretty clear that we have way overreacted to the actual threat this virus poses. At this point the treatment is far worse than the disease, and that is going to rapidly magnify the longer we keep large parts of this country unconstitutionally halted.

Now I’ve referred to these “shelter in place” orders as unconstitutional several times, and I’ve gotten a surprising amount of push back from some disappointing places. No government has the power to suspend the constitution outside of a declaration of martial law, period. Even if martial law were to be declared there is some question about legal it would be. The government certainly does not have the power to say that some businesses can be open because they are essential, but that those businesses cannot sell certain items because those items are not essential.

Yet we have multiple state governments doing that very thing. And people are playing along. Across all social media I see a shockingly large number of people insisting that everyone stay in their homes, that government go out and chase down people who are not out doing “essential” activities (as arbitrarily defined by the same government), to fine or arrest them in the name of “the public health.” This is highly disturbing.

More disturbing is that these people seem to universally lack the ability to be at all rational about the subject. The media and the government have successfully whipped this segment of our population into such a frenzy of fear over COVID-19 that they have stopped reasoning and started chanting “it’s for the public health” to justify egregious infringements of liberty and government overreach of authority.

When it is ok to have hundreds of people standing in line (six feet apart, ignore the wind!) to get into Costco, but police send three boats to interdict and arrest a lone paddle boarder 300 yards off shore by himself, this is not about your health.

When the police are citing everyone at a drive up church service, but liquor stores are declared “essential” this is not about your health.

When county sheriff’s close gun stores but release hundreds or thousands of criminals from jail (at least one of which immediately went out and murdered someone), this is not about your health.

When hardware stores are told that they cannot sell plants or seeds but marijuana dispensaries are deemed “essential” this is not about your health.

When fishing is suspended due to “social distancing guidelines” but it’s ok for people to pack into city buses like sardines, this is not about your health.

When barbers and hairdressers are closed for being “non essential” but the governor still gets his hair cut and makeup done for a five minute TV appearance, this is NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

Isn’t it funny how these statist governors are shutting down any business they deem “non essential” yet if you look, the news is packed full of they and/or their spouses violating those same orders?

I remember sitting in 9th grade history and learning about the Holocaust, and several people asking how the German people could let that happen. This is how. Under the guise of the public welfare, the German people cheerfully ceded the power to the Nazis to commit atrocity.

In fact I just read a story a couple days ago about how New Jersey now has an app for you to report your neighbors for violation of “social distancing guidelines.” I hear the 10th report gets you a free brown shirt.

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