Guns Criminals Actually Use: Fresno, CA 27MAY2013

Today we have four guns that were seized by FPD.

This first one breaks my heart:

Webley & Scott Revolver in .38S&W

The information from the post:


On Monday May 27, 2013, just before 6:20 p.m., Motor Officer Josh Pantages was patrolling in the area of Clinton and Vassar Avenues, when he noticed a vehicle having five occupants, traveling westbound on Clinton. The vehicle was in violation of expired registration, and some of the occupants were not wearing their seatbelts. Officer Pantages initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle for the purpose of issuing a citation for the expired registration and not wearing seatbelts. Officer Pantages contacted the driver and discovered he was operating a motor vehicle while having a suspended driver’s license. After identifying the other passengers, Officer Pantages discovered one of the passengers to be providing false identification to him. Through investigation Officer Pantages discovered the passenger’s name to be Christopher Powers, 25 year old resident of Fresno. Powers was taken into custody for a Felony Weapons warrant for his arrest. Upon conducting a vehicle inventory Officer Pantages located a loaded concealed firearm under the right front passenger seat. Officer Pantages arrested the right front passenger, Lane Whittenberg, 25 year old resident of Fresno for the concealed firearm. Posted by Officer Mark Gacayan Fresno Police Department Traffic Bureau 621-5050

This is an antique. These revolvers are collectors items, and this poor specimen will now likely be destroyed.

Crimes: Carrying concealed in a vehicle without CCW.

Do we need more gun laws to cover this: No.

Up next we have these beauties:


M1 Carbine in .30 Carbine, SKS in 7.62x39mm

SKS in 7.62x39mm

SKS in 7.62x39mm

Information from the post:

Newsline for 5/27/13
Three Assault Rifles and 14 pounds of Marijuana Seized

Good evening, this is Sgt. Jerardo Chamalbide, a Supervisor with the Street Violence Section Tactical Team. This will be a newsline update for Monday, May 27, 2013, regarding the arrest of a drug dealer with West Fresno ties for possession of marijuana for sales and for possessing three assault rifles.

On Sunday, May 26, 2013, at approximately 11:36 pm, Southwest Patrol Officers were dispatched to 1550 E. Church #251 regarding a shooting victim. Upon arrival, officers contacted Eugene Rauls who stated he lived at the location. Rauls is a 26 year old Fresno resident but is originally from Miami Florida.

Officer Nick El-Helou contacted Ruals at the apartment and obtained his statement. Rauls said he was shot at by two males near his front door of his apartment. Rauls had a minor graze would to the left side of his stomach. While officers were searching the area, they located an assault rifle near the front door to Rauls apartment. While officers were talking with family members, they noticed ammunition to the assault rifle inside the Rauls apartment.

Street Violence Detective David Porcella responded to the scene and conducted an investigation. Porcella realized that the Rauls was not being totally truthful with officers. Porcella authored a search warrant for the apartment and it was signed by a judge. They located 14 pounds of marijuana and two additional assault rifles. Rauls was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales and illegal gun possession. The two unknown suspects that shot Rauls are still being investigated.

Attached to this email is a photograph of Rauls. If you have any information on this case please call Fresno Police at 498-STOP where you may remain anonymous. Please visit our Facebook page for the same posting. Should you have any questions please feel free to call me 621-2416.

First, none of those are “Assault Rifles”. I gigged FPD for that pretty hard (I always take the time to correct incorrect firearm information when they post it, you’d think that after a year or so of it they would at least run it by someone who knows something about guns before posting).

We have here (what used to be) an M1 Carbine that has had the stock cut off (making it an SBR and an “Assault Weapon” as defined by California law, and two SKS rifles with detachable magazines.

The SKS rifles are an interesting issue in California. In 1997 California AG Dan Lundgren reversed a position that he had held since 1991 and declared that SKS rifles that could accept detachable magazines were “Assault Weapons” as defined by California Law at that time, and no registrations would be accepted. A Californian was arrested in 1996 over an SKS (which is what led to this reversal), and his case wound up at the State Supreme Court which ruled that surprise, the SKS with a detachable magazine is an “Assault Weapon” as defined by California law.

The long and short of it is that SKS rifles with detachable magazines in California are a no no. After January 1, 2000 they are considered unregistered “Assault Weapons” as defined by California law, and their possession is a Felony (we had a “buy back” for a little while in 1999 where the state would pay you up to $230 for an SKS Sporter or an SKS with a detachable magazine, which was mighty wide of them considering that they were turning thousands of Californians into felons with the stroke of a pen).

Crimes: Possession and sale of Marijuana (not really gun related), possession of an unregistered “Assault Weapon” as defined by California law (x3), possession of an SBR (x2), mutilation of an M1 Carbine (if that’s not a crime it damn well should be).

Do we need more gun laws to cover this: No.



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