Police State USA

Last week’s bombings in Boston were a terrible thing. It took me a week to write this, as I had to get my head on straight. Yes it is terrible that a couple of asshats decided to kill and maim a bunch of innocent people. My heart goes out to everyone who has a family member, close friend, or were themselves injured.

I am heartened by the response of the citizens of this country, but at the same time terribly saddened at the actions taken by Law Enforcement in trying to locate the remaining suspect.



…is completely disgusting. We have Janet Napolitano yammering that there are absolutely no connections between these two bombers and any terrorist organizations, but police responding like Al Qaeda invaded the East Coast. Yes we needed to bring the people who committed the act of terrorism to justice, but not at the price of shredding the Constitution.

The actions of Law Enforcement here are nothing short of those of a police state, but it’s ok because it is all being done in the name of protecting the public safety, right?

Here is a video of one of the “voluntary” house to house searches that were conducted in Watertown:

Now I could understand that if maybe there were some credible evidence that the suspect was hiding in an unidentified house on that street, or even in that neighborhood. But there wasn’t. They just knew that he was somewhere in “the area”, and so they decided to door to door everything, despite the 4th Amendment and about 100 years of case law clearly precluding that.

This should shock you. No? How about these:


Well it looks like these guys are pretty serious, just wait until they find that bomber. Just the SWAT team, no big deal…


Well ok, maybe they have two SWAT teams…




Oh come on!







Uh, do you at least have some intel that the badguy is in there? No?


This is disturbing…
proxy.storify.comYes those are up armored hummers.

Watertown Manhunt6

Police Converge Mass

Yes, that pistol was just pointing at you ma’am.


Wait a tick, there is something about that last image… what is that? Let’s take a closer peek shall we?


Is that…? Closer…


Yeah, that’s the most disturbing photo I’ve seen come out of Boston yet. That is (presumably) a cop in an up armored hummer pointing an AR at someone taking a picture of him.

That photo was taken with an iPhone, and at that distance there is absolutely zero reason for Ramjet the Rookie there to be pointing an AR at the person taking it. Just because you’ve got a hardon does not mean that you can just trample the Constitution. This isn’t the sandbox, this is a US city.

But officer safety!

NO. It’s a dangerous job, and you’ve got armor.

Is anybody paying attention here?



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