California SB 249: Yee wants to ban your guns now

Just fly it like this at the capitol already

I’ve covered SB 249 before, on August 7th, SB 249 was amended by Leland Yee to include the following:

This bill would define "detachable magazine" for this purpose to
mean any ammunition feeding device that can be removed from the
firearm without disassembly of the firearm action, and to include a
magazine that may be detached from the firearm by depressing a button
on the firearm either with the finger or by use of a tool or a

This is extremely bad news for California gun owners for several reasons. Here is an excerpt from CAL-FFL’s letter to the California State Senate Appropriations Committee regarding SB 249:

In its current form, SB 249 represents perhaps the single largest unconstitutional government taking inCalifornia history. Substantiating this is the national firearms industry association, National ShootingSports Foundation, which estimates that approximately 19% of all firearms sold are AR-15 platformmodern sporting firearms. NSSF’s 19% figure does not account for those hundreds of thousands of AK,FAL, HK, Saiga, FN, and other platform firearms legally sold and possessed in California over the pastdecade. (These modern semi-automatic firearms are some of, if not the most, common firearms in theUnited States, and, especially, in technology-hungry California.) It is virtually impossible to visit anysporting range or training facility in California without seeing one – and more likely, many – variations of these popular sporting and defensive arms. California gun stores’ shelves are literally filled with thesefirearms, which remain in exceedingly high demand. Likewise, tens of thousands of firearms SB 249seeks to ban are in the inventories of firearms distributors and at manufacturers’ shipping docks. Mostcertainly, these will be sold into California before SB 249 goes into effect, further exacerbating thetakings issue and increasing the cost burden to California taxpayers.According to data acquired from the California Department of Justice, over 2 million long guntransactions took place in the 10-year period between 2001 and 2011. In that same period, more than 1.8million unique handgun transactions occurred. Importantly, California law allows an unlimited number of long guns to be transferred under each transaction, while each handgun transaction represents a discretehandgun transfer. Given this, and especially considering the incredible number of bare “off-list” receiversand entirely home-built firearms (constructed from e.g. incompletely-manufactured materials that arefabricated using common shop tools) that have been assembled over the past decade into fully-functionalmaglocked firearms, Cal-FFL’s analysis informs that at least 394,000 legal maglocked off-list firearmswith SB 23 features exist in the state today. Our member Prince 50 Designs (the manufacturer of theBullet Button device itself and one of the major firearms accessory vendors in the state) has alone soldenough maglocking devices to equip hundreds of thousands of California firearms. To say that 1 millionfirearms (and their owners) could be negatively impacted by SB 249 may very well be an understatement.We conservatively estimate that the State of California’s cost exposure for SB 249 is, at the very least,$400 Million, with more realistic estimates for property takings claims, legal expenses, impact to locallaw enforcement, and court costs exceeding $1.5 Billion.

If SB 249 were to be passed into law, the State would be demanding that you either:

  1. Surrender any firearms you may own that fit the new definition of an “Assault Weapon” in California.
  2. Sell the firearm out of state.
  3. Destroy the firearm.

This fits neatly with Yee’s goals of disarming the populace of California (Yee’s chief of staff Adam Keigwin advocates banning shotguns and bolt action rifles on twitter).

Also of note in this iteration of the bill are the other Senators who have joined as cosponsors of this bill:

  • Principal coauthor:  Senator Steinberg
  • Coauthor:   Senator De León
  • Coauthor:   Senator Hancock
  • Coauthor:   Senator Portantino
  • Coauthor:   Senator Feuer

This is pretty much the usual suspects lineup of California gungrabber politicians.

What they do not realize is that “featureless” builds of the same rifles (just without the named features as listed in SB 249) would still be perfectly legal. What’s more, these rifles can be used with standard capacity (what the gun grabbers call “high capacity”) magazines. Without magazine locks.

All this law does is penalize and steal personal property from law abiding gun owners who are not as well educated as some of us.

Another nice feature of SB 249 is that it has absolutely no provision for education or informing the public that their rifles that were legally purchased are now a felony under California law (should SB 249 pass).

I would mention the lack of exemption from SB 249 for Law Enforcement, but I think that’s just funny, and I sincerely hope that if this terrible legislation is passed into law that it remains omitted. Maybe if the police have to work under the same restrictions as us plebes we can finally get some traction to repeal some of these onerous and just plain silly gun laws.

I strongly urge California gun owners to get involved in the fight against SB 249.

I also urge you to stay involved in the fight to fix California’s terrible gun laws by donating to organizations that are actively working to change California’s gun laws for the better such as the Calguns Foundation or the Second Amendment Foundation.



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  1. Calguns Foundation and the 2nd Amendment Foundation are both great groups.
    I believe some of their attorneys are listed at

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