California SB 249: I have no idea what a magazine lock is, but we must ban them!

A couple of weeks ago, the CBS affiliate in San Francisco ran a bit on the “bullet button” (correctly known as a magazine lock), and how it allows Californians to “circumvent” the state’s (full retard) Assault Weapons Ban.

Now, one man has decided that we must ban this terrible menace. Even if he doesn’t know what exactly it is.

California Senate Bill 249 purports to ban magazine locks in California, but what it actually does is… something else entirely.

I’m not even going to try to translate what the intent of this law is, here is the summary from the actual legislation:

This bill would, commencing July 1, 2013, and with certain exceptions, prohibit any person from importing, making, selling, loaning, transferring, or possessing any conversion kit, as defined, designed to convert certain firearms with a fixed magazine into firearms with the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and other features making the firearm an assault weapon and would make violations subject to criminal penalties.

What? This is already illegal.

As far as I can puzzle out (because “conversion kit” is not defined anywhere in the legislation), this bill would apparently make it double super illegaller to manufacture an “Assault Weapon” in California.

Maybe we need some context here.

So San Francisco CBS affiliate runs a story on the “bullet button” (which is a brand name), and Yee gets his panties in a bunch. He responds by “introducing” legislature to ban… something. Here is a quote from the good “senator”:

“It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion,” said Yee.

Ok, I’m going to take major issue with that statement, but I’ll wait while he finishes:

“What I am proposing is to essentially prevent any mechanism that would allow the conversion of an assault weapon into a way that you can fire these magazines upon magazines without effort,” he said.

So, while he has just clearly demonstrated that he has no idea what a magazine lock is or does, we must ban… something.

Here’s a little history on the magazine lock:

In 1999 California passed a bill (SB 23) known as the “Assault Weapon Control Act”, which basically attempts to ban a class of firearms based on look. because it is a law, it attempts to define these firearms based on features, since banning by name (as had been done in 1989 with the Roberti-Roos “Assault Weapon Ban”) was injuncted by the courts. This led to a quagmire for California gun owners, who had to figure out if their firearms fit one of the convoluted definitions of a banned “Assault Weapon” in California.

So an enterprising California gun owner invented the “Bullet Button” magazine lock, which would allow certain firearms to comply with California’s convoluted Assault Weapons legislation. Basically this device alters the magazine release so that the firearm will accept a magazine, but to release the magazine you must use a tool (which could be the tip of a bullet on some models). This alters the rifle from having the “ability to accept a detachable magazine” to being a firearm with a “fixed magazine” which  is defined in California Law as requiring a tool to remove.

This contraption was invented to comply with California’s asinine firearms laws.

The California Department Of Justice has to date refused to issue a bulletin to the state’s 58 District Attorneys stating that this device makes the rifles compliant with California law, and legal. The CalGuns Foundation has filed a motion with the courts for this very thing, and it has so far been denied. However, as part of that case the California Department Of Justice has stated on paper and on record that an AR with a magazine release and magazine capable of holding 10 rounds or less is perfectly legal.

Yet, “senator” Yee seems to think that these devices allow one to “fire these magazines upon magazines without effort”, which is just plain wrong.

Now to his earlier gem of a quote.

“It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion,” said Yee.

I don’t know what country Yee thinks he’s in, but this is America jack. It is most certainly not important that individuals in California be barred these weapons, and for you to claim that no debate or discussion is allowed simply demonstrates that you do not understand the laws or customs of the country you are representing.

That statement alone should motivate people to vote this sorry excuse for a man out of office. You don’t get to dictate to us, you are nothing but a servant.

Now the CBS affiliate that ran the news story which “started” all of this is claiming that Yee has introduced SB249 because of the story they ran. I hate to disappoint you misguided liberals, but Yee introduced this legislation in February of 2011. It’s been voted on and rejected twice.

It’s a terribly written piece of legislation. The only thing it seems to do is create a situation where the state or local DA can declare your firearm a “public nuisance” and then confiscate and destroy it. It also creates a situation where you can be sued in a civil court by the state or DA for $300 for the first “conversion kit” and $100 per additional “conversion kit” rather than being charged criminally.

So it’s all about money then? Well that’s not altogether surprising, it usually is.

While I don’t see this “law” being passed any time soon (at least in its current form), or really doing anything if it is, the CalGuns Foundation has already set their sights on it should it be passed into law. If you’re a gun owner in California, and are unhappy with the firearms laws or potential firearms laws in this state, make a donation to the Second Amendment Foundation, or the CalGuns Foundation, they are the ones working to change things for you.


9 Responses to California SB 249: I have no idea what a magazine lock is, but we must ban them!

  1. TS says:

    I read the bill with the understanding that Yee is trying to ban “Bullet Buttons”, but after reading it, it appears that he got it backwards.

    Any combination of parts that, when affixed to a firearm
    with a fixed magazine, are designed and intended to convert that
    firearm into an assault weapon as defined by one of the following:

    This sounds like a kit for an SKS that converts the fixed magazine into a detachable. This is of course already illegal being that when you convert any firearm into something that meets their definition of “assault weapon”, you are committing a felony. A magazine lock does the exact opposite of the kit that he is banning. It converts a gun that meets the definition of “assault weapon” into a legal gun by fixing the magazine. So I am left scratching my head. However, what it would seem to cover is the “mag-magnet” which you can put on top of a magazine lock to make it so you can depress it with your finger instead of a bullet tip. Being that it was mentioned in the news story, maybe that is what got Yee all worked up. Of course, this is also covered under current law. If you put the mag-magnet on, you are committing a felony. But Yee’s bill takes it one step further. He is banning possession of any “conversion kit”.

    The way I see it, this law doesn’t touch “Bullet Buttons” at all. But it will turn anyone who has one of those little magnets or a SKS detachable magazine kit (even if you don’t own an SKS) into a criminal overnight on July 1, 2013 should it pass and be signed into law.

    • SutureSelf says:

      My reading of the bill is exactly as yours was. Relating it to AR-type rifles, the bill would seem to ban standard magazine releases, considering that they are “kits” that convert a bullet-buttoned rifle into an “assault weapon.”

      Otherwise, the bill is pure incomprehensible gobbledygook that was written by an anti-gun legislator who knows absolutely nothing about guns except that he hates them and needs to ban something – anything – to satisfy his delusions.

  2. rmactsc says:

    Peoples Republic of Kalifornia strikes again. Those liberals who support this nonsense need to be tarred, feathered and run out of office.

  3. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Thank you for helping get the word out to defeat this onerous legislative attempt to further curtail our constitutional rights. Yee, being ignorant of firearms yet wanting to ban them even he has no idea why or how they work even for defense, got it wrong this time, This time. But they’ll try again and again. So we must stay ever vigilant.

  4. D A V says:

    Poetic justice–former State Senator Yee pleads guilty to “gun-running”:

    • Sandman says:

      It looks like the prosecutor has dropped all charges in exchange for a guilty plea to racketeering. It’s a travesty of justice that the prosecutor allowed that.

  5. jeff says:

    And now the good senator is in jail for taking bribes and trying to illegally smuggle guns.

  6. Is yee chinese if he is tell him to remember what happened in tinimin square not too long ago and if hee doesnt like it here that hee is more then welcome to go back to to china anytime il even pay for his air fare people like them just dont understand what freedom really is

  7. Oh i forgot to mention we need to deport him after hee gets out of the pokee if hee would of comitted these crimes against the peoples republic of china he would of been shot for treason there in his home country also people dont come to the great usa because their country is so good they come here because their country isnt a free one and our is god truly blessed the usa

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