California legislation update: The Good, The Bad, and The Near Miss

On October 9th (a Sunday, and the last possible day for ol’ Jerry to either sign or veto any pending legislation for those of you keeping track), our esteemed Governor signed several pieces of *ahem* legislation into California law.

The Good news: AB 610 was signed into law. I cannot find any definitive information on when this becomes effective, but I assume it to be January 1, 2012.

The Bad news: AB 144, AB 809, and SB 819 were all signed into law (AB. AB 144 and AB 819 take effect January 1, 2012. SB 819 takes effect January 1, 2014.

The Near Miss: SB 427 was vetoed (but only because there is a current lawsuit over it’s predecessor, AB 962).

In his veto message, the governor states:

This measure would amend a recently enacted law concerning the sale and purchase of handgun ammunition. That law is currently being litigated.

Let’s keep our powder dry on amendments until the court case runs its course.

I wrote previously about why AB144 was a bad idea, but let me add one more thing: Governor Brown should take his own advice. If you’re going to veto laws because of pending lawsuits, perhaps you should have vetoed AB 144. I’ll be very surprised if a lawsuit over it is not filed by the end of the month, and would not be surprised if it were filed by the end of the week.

Same with AB 819, and AB 809.

These were all terrible laws, and should rightly have been vetoed. In the dire financial straits which our state currently sits, it is a shameful waste for our state government to continue to throw away our tax dollars by attempting to disarm the law abiding citizens of California.


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