California AB809: Long gun registration

California Assembly Bill 809 was passed by the California legislature on September 8th 2011. If this bill is not vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown it will become law effective January 1st, 2014.

UPDATE 11OCT’11: Governor Brown signed this into law on October 9th. The law goes into effect January 1, 2014 (barring the inevitable lawsuit).

Already California is the only state that registers and tracks (via an automated database) Handgun owners, and “Assault Weapon” owners. Our legislators have decided that we now need to add to that prestigious statement (or termed correctly, black eye) rifle and shotgun owners.

There’s really not much else to say about the law itself, it’s the exact same thing we have for registering handguns now, just applied to all firearms.

Again, the California legislature is wasting taxpayer dollars. Allegedly this will somehow make it possible for law enforcement to solve firearm crimes (because we all know that criminals buy their guns at the local sporting goods stores, or register them when they move into the state, amiright?), but in reality what is will do is cost the taxpayers of California hundreds of thousands of dollars (just in set up and administration costs), waste the time of law enforcement (tracing all these “crime” guns to the people they were stolen from, duh), and place further unnecessary costs on the law abiding gun owners of California.

It’s like these people are incapable of any kind of critical analysis of the current laws we have regarding firearms, because they keep doing the same thing, and wondering why it’s not working.

What this will do is create a database of firearm owners. even LCAV (an anti gun organization) states on their website in a discussion of the “benefits” of AB809:

  • Be forewarned about the presence of guns at private residences when responding to emergency calls.  Officers currently may use the AFS database to check whether a person at a residence owns any handguns, but they have no way of knowing whether a person owns any long guns.

This is not a legitimate reason to have a database of gun owners. Private firearm ownership is legal in this country (estimated that 2/3 homes in the US have a firearm), Law Enforcement should always assume that there are firearms on the premises at a private residence. Aside from that, what about the estimated 350 million privately owned firearms that are not in this database? Are they just going to evaporate overnight? Your argument is invalid.


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