The most absurd thing you’ll see today: I don’t dial 911

Ok, before I get started, you’re gonna have to go read this story (or this isn’t gonna make a whole lot of sense). Go check it out, I’ll wait.

Wow. The first time I read that I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t even explain to my wife why I was hunched over laughing so hard I was crying (this actually happens kind of frequently, what can I say – I have a vivid imagination).

From the article:

He wears a shirt proudly displaying the words I don’t dial 911 next to a picture of a hand gripping a sixshooter. When it comes time to contact local emergency services for assistance, he’d rather just shoot at the problem until it goes away – even when the problem is his own home being on fire.

Now that is hardcore. I’m generally not the call 911 first type either, but if my house is on fire, you’d better believe that I’m calling 911 as soon as I have ensured that my family is all out safely. If I have to, I’m running the 6 blocks to the fire station on the other end of my neighborhood to get the professionals. It would never even occur to me to try to shoot the fire out. This is just all kinds of stupid. People like this should not have guns. This incident should be enough for a judge to revoke this man’s constitutional right to own a firearm.

But it is funny as all hell. Someone needs to get this guy on a reality TV show, stat! This man is like a cartoon caricature of what the Brady Bunch think all gun owners are like.

Reading the article, we enter the twilight zone in the final paragraph:

This isn’t the first time Forthman has refused to dial 911. In 2004, Forthman tried to shoot himself in the torso after having chest pains. His brother-in-law wrestled a rifle away from Forthman and called an ambulance.

Now to be serious here for just a minute, what the hell kind of message does this send to gun control advocates? This is a legitimate case where this guy seriously should probably have had his constitutional right to own a firearm revoked after that incident in 2004, and definitely needs to be disarmed now.

I am a staunch supporter of gun owners, and believe that the bar to preventing someone from owning a firearm should be pretty damn high. However in a case like this where the individual in question is clearly mentally incompetent, and after this latest incident has proven himself to be a direct and immediate threat to others (firing into a house is generally a bad idea, but this is clearly insanity), I have to say that it is pretty evident that this man does not need to be in possession of a firearm.

But I give him points for living by the courage of his convictions.


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